The best mouse for carpal tunnel

Hardly anything is done today without the use of a computer, making it an unavoidable instrument no matter the industry you find yourself in.

The position the hand has to obey to while using the conventional computer mouse have been proved to afflict more fatigue to the hand and increase chances for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Here is an alternative designed to help carpal tunnel patients

The best mouse for carpal tunnel patient

Many are companies that have been researching to find a practical solution to help find a less harmful way to make us use our hand while using a computer mouse.

A lot more than a factor can help you prevent CTS such as proper posture and exercise designed to help strengthen the hands, the wrist, the arm and the neck.

Slecting for a good computer mouse will contribute to help you address this issue to some extend.

Many mouse shapes have been on the experimenting phase and the famous vertical mouse is just one the first mouse that comes to mind while talking about solving the problem of finding a complete ergonomic computer mouse that will aim to restrict fatigue.

The Evoluent verticalMouse 4right (relax your wrist)

Evoluent, the company behind the handshake mouse has been breaking habits and helping many carpal tunnel syndrome patient regain their ability to work long hours using a computer mouse, but this time setting the working place a lot more differently.

computer mouse for carpal tunnelThe VerticalMouse 4 right has you use your mouse while your arm is in the position similar to the position your hand has while stretching it for a handshake. This position is proved to be neutral opposed to the position where the palm faces down thus pushing the arm to be twisted.

While this mouse is only one in a million of ways you can use to help CTS patient/ordinary people wanting to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, it is a device that obviously will be of a great help while setting the perfect workstation for less stress and fatigue.

The VerticalMouse 4 right primary goal is to provide a comfortable and easy to use computer mouse while reducing risk for CTS.

Over time this mouse has seen its features improved and current versions have been coming with a set of different and fully customizable features.

More are those who find this mouse easy to adapt to, and its features such as adjustable optical sensor, thumb rest and thumb buttons and its pointer speed indicator make it one the leading mouse out there in terms of what it let you do and how it pushes you to do it.

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 right is a good asset to add to your workstation if you are looking to fight against carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a computer mouse that does more than only let you interact with your computer, it improves comfort and allows you to not only work longer but to fuel your every day stamina by providing you with the ability to customize it to your need.


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