Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest

There is no doubt about the fact that there are millions of people who use desktop computers and laptops to do a plethora of things on the internet. This is also means that means that there is excess in the usage of PC accessories like the CAD mouse and the keyboard, often because of which people also wrist pain. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can reduce your wrist pain and stop it from becoming annoying.

Frustrated from your Wrist Pain: Why not use a Wrist Rest

Are you fed up of your wrist pain? Then there is a certainty that you might be using a mouse without a wrist pad. Experts say that if you use a mouse repetitively there are many chances you end up with this kind of pain. One of the basic ergonomic desk accessories that you can buy is an ergonomic mouse pad with a wrist rest on it. It is designed to cushion your wrist so that you don’t have to repeatedly touch the surface with it while continuously using the mouse.

Why use a wrist rest

Mouse-with-wrist-restOnce you rest your wrist on the hard desk, there is a slight possibility that it compresses your sinew, blood vessels and the veins within your wrist. If you can’t use a wrist rest for any reason, the only other way you can tackle this problem is if you adjust your seats height. You set it a bit higher than normal if you will notice that you wrist won’t touch the hard surface when you use the PC.

However, the only way to eliminate the problem is if you buy a wrist pad. The pad helps you to align your mouse and hand, which helps the person to use the mouse easily and relax their wrist so that the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injuries) decreases. Wrist rest is very useful for the people who work frequently with a mouse. Hence, using a gel-filled wrist rest is much better option than using nothing.

Without using any type of support for your wrist, you might end up developing an annoying pain in your wrist, which starts to throb each time you use the mouse or if you type. However, if you don’t use your mouse that often then you don’t have to use a wrist pad.

On the other hand there are some problems to using a wrist pad as well. For example, clicking all the buttons of the mouse becomes difficult when your wrist doesn’t move. So, it isn’t recommended that a gamer uses it as he will need to click all essential buttons quickly and repeatedly for any game. The wrist pad will only restrict his movements.

As a person uses the mouse pad he/she needs to direct their hand as a single unit from the shoulder, so that there are less chances of inflammation on the neck and upper back muscles. Using a wrist rest restricts your wrist from moving entirely, allowing just your fingers to be used unnaturally, which can cause further musculoskeletal complications.

On account of using a rest pad, the person tries to exert pressure on the soft gel filled region, which can damage the pad rendering it useless. The most comfortable way for using a mouse is to keep your arms straight and neutral, in this case keeping your wrist rest beneath your hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The ‘Carpal tunnel syndrome’ is one of the most devastating injuries, related to RSI, which is caused by the extensive use of a mouse or a keyboard. This is due to the outstretched muscles or tissues in your arms being kept in a tensed posture. The only way not to develop this problem is by giving your arms a bit of rest every hour so. The wrist pad should be used as it has a soft gel within it, which cushions your hand preventing the constriction of your blood vessels or sinew in the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the pressure of your wrist’s sinew on the nerves within the carpal tunnel, so resting your hand on the hard surface of the desk may cause harm instead of benefiting you.


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