Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Sculpt closely resembles the traditional mouse forms we grew up on through the years. The mouse is simplistic and comes with two buttons and a central trackball to ease your struggles with CAD design. Its simplicity can be viewed as its greatest asset due to the fact that it packs quality precisions and an adjustable resolution in the body of a traditional mouse. It is important to note that this mouse is wireless and works perfectly with both a Windows-powered operating system and the Mac OS.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

It is universally acknowledged that Apple was late in joining the CAD party but its mouse version still packs a punch and is ergonomically designed for comfort. Aesthetically, Apples love for making slim devices can be seen in the surfacing and contours of the Magic mouse. The mouse also supports easy design due to its laser tracking capabilities and super light build. The mouse also spots 3 programmable buttons which you can take advantage of by assigning CAD features to them. The Apple Magic Mouse should be viewed as a good option for 3D modeling on CAD apps that run on the Mac operating system.

Razer Death Adder Chroma


The Razer brand—like Logitech and Connexion—is one of the more recognizable mouse brands available in today’s market. The Razer is an aesthetically pleasing specimen which you would love to have on your desk. In terms of usability, the mouse comes with 5 programmable buttons and an adjustable resolution which allows users define the precision they require. This makes it a solid choice for 3D modeling work and CAD design. The mouse is also ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to your hands and wrist when working on long term projects. The Razor Death Adder is also famous in the gaming community which means you can use it in multiple scenarios.

Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball Mouse

A cursory look at the Kensington mouse highlights its immense trackball and the level of precision this should provide in terms of movement. This mouse is a CAD user’s haven for it is built to offer precise use. It is also an ergonomic mouse which you can use with both hands thereby reducing the workload on your fingers. On the surface of the Kensington, four large buttons can be seen and it is important to note that these buttons are programmable according to your peculiarities. The precise movements and customizable options it provides CAD users makes it ne of the best mouse options in the market.

Logitech M70 Wireless Trackball

Personally, I love the M70 wireless due to the arrangement of its buttons across its surface. A close look at this mouse will locate its trackball on the side of the mouse thereby making it a thumb controlled system you would grow to love. The Logitech M70 is definitely an ergonomic mouse that was built to relieve stress from a user’s hands regardless of how hard he or she works. It is also quite easy to use and the integration of programmable buttons on its surface is something that adds to the allure of the M70 as the perfect 3D modeling mouse.

The Top 5 Mouse for 3D Modelling

Therefore, in this post, we will explore the best mouse for 3D modeling you should consider purchasing to enhance your productivity.


Note that the gadgets on this list were chosen using the following parameters:

  • Ease of Use—the most important factor to consider when choosing a mouse, is its ability to simplify the task of moving objects around your CAD workspace.
  • Ergonomic Design—3D modeling is a time-consuming task which takes its toll on your hands and wrists. Therefore the ergonomic design of a mouse and its ability to reduce strains will be considered,

Using the above criteria, we have the following mouse on the list:

  1. Logitech M70 Wireless Trackball
  2. Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball Mouse
  3. Razer Death Adder Chroma
  4. Apple Magic Mouse 2
  5. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

Here we come to the end of our list covering the best mouse for 3D modeling and other CAD work. It is also important to note that the devices on this list can easily be found and purchased from your favorite online stores.

Your Opinion Matters

Our list is by no means the all-conclusive list on the topic of 3D modeling mouse. Therefore, if we have missed out on your preferences, please feel free to enlighten us and our readers on the mouse you consider as the best.

The best mouse for carpal tunnel

Hardly anything is done today without the use of a computer, making it an unavoidable instrument no matter the industry you find yourself in.

The position the hand has to obey to while using the conventional computer mouse have been proved to afflict more fatigue to the hand and increase chances for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Here is an alternative designed to help carpal tunnel patients

The best mouse for carpal tunnel patient

Many are companies that have been researching to find a practical solution to help find a less harmful way to make us use our hand while using a computer mouse.

A lot more than a factor can help you prevent CTS such as proper posture and exercise designed to help strengthen the hands, the wrist, the arm and the neck.

Slecting for a good computer mouse will contribute to help you address this issue to some extend.

Many mouse shapes have been on the experimenting phase and the famous vertical mouse is just one the first mouse that comes to mind while talking about solving the problem of finding a complete ergonomic computer mouse that will aim to restrict fatigue.

The Evoluent verticalMouse 4right (relax your wrist)

Evoluent, the company behind the handshake mouse has been breaking habits and helping many carpal tunnel syndrome patient regain their ability to work long hours using a computer mouse, but this time setting the working place a lot more differently.

computer mouse for carpal tunnelThe VerticalMouse 4 right has you use your mouse while your arm is in the position similar to the position your hand has while stretching it for a handshake. This position is proved to be neutral opposed to the position where the palm faces down thus pushing the arm to be twisted.

While this mouse is only one in a million of ways you can use to help CTS patient/ordinary people wanting to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, it is a device that obviously will be of a great help while setting the perfect workstation for less stress and fatigue.

The VerticalMouse 4 right primary goal is to provide a comfortable and easy to use computer mouse while reducing risk for CTS.

Over time this mouse has seen its features improved and current versions have been coming with a set of different and fully customizable features.

More are those who find this mouse easy to adapt to, and its features such as adjustable optical sensor, thumb rest and thumb buttons and its pointer speed indicator make it one the leading mouse out there in terms of what it let you do and how it pushes you to do it.

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 right is a good asset to add to your workstation if you are looking to fight against carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a computer mouse that does more than only let you interact with your computer, it improves comfort and allows you to not only work longer but to fuel your every day stamina by providing you with the ability to customize it to your need.